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We would like to make you aware of some important legal information related to boating in Honduras, to make your stay with us as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Following you will find important information concerning your entrance into Honduran waters and Parrot Tree Marina. Please read it thoroughly and contact the Marina office 011 (INT) or 00 (From Central American Cell Phone)-504-9706-9240 or If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you.


Upon initial entry into the country, you must visit the immigration office first and clear in; this can be done once docked at the marina. He will request a copy of your crew list from previous visited port and passports. Once you have cleared in, you need to get a cruising permit. This permit is valid for as long as immigration has issued a permit. Normally this permit is valid for three months, and can be renewed for an additional three months at a cost of $20.00 per person per month. However it must be renewed before it expires. Moreover the permit can only be renewed by the person under whose name the vessel was originally registered. You cannot designate an agent or legal representative for the purposes of renewal on your behalf.


If you are planning to keep your boat in Honduras for more than six months, we are working presently on a means available through a one or two year slip rental contract with Parrot Tree Marina. Further details can be provided upon your arrival or by email if you are interested.


Local law prohibits non-Honduran flagged vessels from operating as commercial charters. Please be aware that government authorities are very strict in this regard. Foreign vessels found chartering in Honduras could be impounded.




  • Cruising Permit for Honduras (Can be done later)
    Clearance into Honduras can be done once the vessel is docked at the marina. Captain/ Owner can travel to Coxen Hole and visit the Immigration and Port Captain office in the morning for clearing in/out of Honduras. Our ship’s agent service is also available to look after this procedure.
    Documents required are: Zarpe of the previous port, Passports, and Crew List in Spanish. For the exit Zarpe you must purchase a $2.00 document at customs and have it processed at the Port Captains’ office.
  • Copy of the Vessel’s Certificate of Documentation or Registration
  • Copy of the Owner’s and Captain’s Passport
  • Copy of the Crew List
  • Copy of the Vessel’s Insurance Policy
  • All non commercial users must have comprehensive, all risk general liability insurance in the amount of not less than $300.000 from an insurer with no less than an “A” rating. For all long term rental agreements (30 days and more), please provide marina office with the insurance information prior to the vessel’s arrival at the marina.
  • All commercial users must contact the dock master at 011 (INT) or 00 (From Central American Cell Phone) 504-9706-9240 or email: